Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Giving Thanks

Sometimes it surprises me that I can feel this busy all the time.  Sometimes I just want to curl up into a ball, get under the covers, and sleep for a week. I haven't had the luxury of doing that in about 15 years so here are a few things I do to keep me going.
The clocks have changed and it's dark more often than it was just a month ago.
I've felt the need to prioritize because of some recent life changing opportunities that have come my way.    I've weeded out some things that are just not at the top of my list right now because I'm making a better life for myself and for my family. 
It's these times that I'm reminded of how important it is to prioritize.   Here are a few things that have made my list of  the most important things in my life that need attention:
1. My beautiful family and amazing friends.   Sometimes we all take those we love for granted.   They're always there so it's easy to look past them but they are the people who we want a better life for. My family is the reason I do what I do and my friends are such an amazing source of encouragement and inspiration.  I always try to be careful of those I choose to surround myself with.  Positive energy goes a long, long way.
2. Being grateful.   This feels like a trend for the holiday but I've made a real effort to spend more time being grateful instead of stressed out.   I'm not perfect and it doesn't always work but I've heard recently that it's hard to feel grateful at the same time as miserable and this is completely true.   Putting a positive spin on things has kept me going recently when I've been feeling so busy and slightly overwhelmed by life. If something is making your head spin,  try being thankful for what caused it... too many gifts to buy this year?  Congratulations! Your life is filled with people who love you!  Get my drift?  Try it for the 3 things that are staying you out most right now.
3.  Exercise.   This is the single most important thing I do that's for me.   It clears my head,  grounds me,  and keeps my mood regulated.   Sometimes it's so easy to think you don't have the time and skip it but don't do that!  You need it!  And you will feel better after.   If you didn't get your workout in yet today, make a plan to do it and stick with that plan.  It's important.
This is a quick post but I really felt the need to share.  I'm so thankful for anyone who's reading this post.  I'd like to wish each and every one of you a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you spend it surrounded by those you love.

P.S.  What are your top 3 when things get busy?  Please feel free to let me know below.

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