The programs below are all programs that I've tried for myself and enjoyed with great results.  I'm here to help you with any of these programs and have a wonderful community of women who are reaching their health and fitness goals every day on Facebook .  I'd love to get you added and help you reach your goals too!!  Please keep in mind that Shakeology is a huge help in getting healthy and helping you to stay on track with your nutrition.  It helps ease cravings that come with starting a new meal plan and will keep you energized to rock whichever program you choose to do.  With any new Shakeology order, there are always huge discounts on the programs below so if you think Shakeology might be for you, or if you have more questions, please message me on Facebook by clicking here.  I'd love to answer any questions you might have to get you started in the best way possible.

An amazing program that you won't wan to miss. This program includes the low impact of Pilates and Yoga with pure strengthening of your core and muscles. 

Finally!  The end of Exercise!  Perfect for dancing your cares away all Fall and Winter!  Liberate yourself and dance while getting your heart rate up.  This is a truly FUN program and amazing to go back to even on your days off of other programs.  You won't want to miss the feeling you get when you're ready for your dance video! 


So many amazing choices to choose from. There's a program to suit anyone's goals.  With any new order of Shakeology, the program you pick will be at a huge discount!  Just another perk of getting started right  with Shakeology today.  All Challenge packs come with the support of my accountability group on Facebook and of course, me as your coach to help you through the good days and not so good days.  I'm here to help!!


Anyone can do something for 3 weeks, right?  Do you have what it takes to change your life in under a month?  This is my favorite program and the one that started it all in my life.  The program everybody loves with the food containers.   Comes with the amazing food plan that so many have had HUGE success with.  This is it!  Today is your day!!

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