About Me

About Me
Hi, I'm Cristin!  I'm a mom of 2 beautiful girls who are 5 and 2 years old and the wife of an amazing husband. 

Earlier this year, I started looking for something.  I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for but I knew there was something missing.  

My husband and I had made the decision when I had my first daughter that I would be able to stay home with her to raise her.  I had a great career as an auditor in Manhattan.  I loved working in the city but the days were 11 hours long between working and commuting and I knew something had to give if I wanted to be the mother that I knew I could be to her.  

 After staying home with her for about a year, I felt like I needed to work so I found a couple of jobs that I could do from home.  It seemed like the best of both worlds because I got to enjoy my beautiful daughter and have an income to help take some of the pressure off my husband in being the sole bread-winner. 

 After a few years, I had my 2nd daughter and it all seemed so perfect for a while.  I was able to work right at home when my newborn was sleeping and it was working out just fine.  The problem was that I was just SO busy!!  I felt busy ALL the time.  Feeling so busy was leading to a huge amount of stress and the stress was leading me to spin out of control.  I felt like I was tired and couldn't keep up with my kids so I wasn't a good mom.  I was trying to be a better mom and couldn't keep up with my work so I was a bad worker.  I had too much work to do so I couldn't get any housework done and the house was a mess and laundry wasn't getting done.  My poor husband never came home to a home-cooked meal or a calm, happy wife, so I felt like a bad wife.  I didn't feel like I was much good at anything!!  I just couldn't figure out how to make any time at all for myself when I was balancing and failing at so many different roles and parts of my life really started to suffer.

Then there was the issue of the weight...  I had gained weight from being so stressed and ordering delivery all the time since I had no time to cook or exercise.  Before we got married, when I was still just dating my husband, I was a personal trainer and was in the best shape of my life.  At 23, I was in better shape then I was in high school.  I felt amazing. But then I started working in the corporate world and I left the gym and didn't have time to exercise any more.  By the time I got married, I had gained 15 lbs since I had been a personal trainer.  Then I got married and somehow gained another 10 lbs.  Then with each pregnancy, I gained 40 lbs and lost 30 so each baby gave me another 10 lbs that I just couldn't seem to lose.  I value humor and being able to laugh at things and I always said that each member of my family had given me 10 lbs as a gift that I didn't want to give back.  

But I did want to give it back!  LOL.  I was at least 30 lbs. more then what I wanted to be.  I just felt like I didn't have the time or the energy to get it off.  It was all too much!!  That's when I started looking for something.  I was trying to figure out what was going to make me feel less stressed, and feel confident again, find my smile again, make my way back into the pictures with my family, and have more energy to keep up with life.  I remember posting on FB once as my status that I wished I wanted to work out as bad as I wanted a cocktail.  I was laughing at the time but I realized that I really needed to find something. 

Then one day I saw a friend I hadn't seen since High School had posted her results on FB with the 21 day fix.  21 Days??  Really??  I didn't believe it, not for a minute.  But it was certainly worth a try.  I Private Messaged her that day and ended up with a 21 day fix Challenge pack for myself and a Max 30 challenge pack for my husband.

I'm the type of person that goes ALL IN when I try something.  Why try it half way?  So I really committed to what I was trying to do.  I did my 3 day Shakeology cleanse and then came at this program with a vengeance.  I made it a priority and made the time to start making home cooked meal and to push play and focus on ME for 30 minutes each day.  I posted every day in the accountability group, doubled up workouts sometimes on the weekends, stayed super strict in my food containers and started making some friends in the group.  I often challenged other members to push past what they'd been doing or do what I was doing with me.  Of course, it didn't take long for my coach to suggest that I become a coach.  She saw my passion and in just a couple of weeks I was having results already.  I signed up as a coach before finishing my first round of 21 Day Fix and absolutely love it.

Before signing up as a coach, I feel like I had lost my passion for life...  I loved my family with everything that I had, but who had I become?  Who was I?  I didn't even know what my favorite thing to eat was or what my favorite thing to do was.  Becoming a coach has reignited that flame in my soul.  I absolutely love that I get to make friends with people who think like me and I get to help women just like me reach their goals.  Not just fitness goals but real life goals.  Goals with stress, and accountability, and success, and finding purpose again.  Life has been so good since becoming a coach. 

I would LOVE to help you reach your goals and help you along on your fitness journey.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can start your journey to getting fit, please contact me at cristinxavier@gmail.com or send me a friend request on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cristinxavier .  If you already have all the information you need and would like to be considered for my next challenge group, please click here to fill out my online application.