Challenge Group FAQs

Challenge Group FAQs

If you've been following me at all on social media, you've seen a lot of posts about accountability groups or challenge groups that I'm running.  You may be asking yourself, what is an accountability group?  Here's a bit about what an accountability group is and how it works.  If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to message me on FB.  I'm here to help!

What is an Accountability group?

An Accountability group, or sometimes called a challenge group, is a group of people who want to be held accountable in their daily activities in order to reach their goals.  It's right on FB and all in the comfort of your own home.  Before we get started, we will review your goals and help you connect with the reason you want to meet those goals.  Whatever your goals are, I want to help you reach them.  They can be to lose weight, to become healthier, to become more fit, have more endurance or anything else (mine is to do a mud run).  Each member checks in with workouts and / or what they've been eating in order to be held accountable.  We also all post motivation, encouragement, and interact on a regular basis both on good days, and bad days, to help us all through the process. 

Who is in an accountability group?

An accountability group is usually made up of women who are trying to reach their goals.  Some of the women have been with me since the very beginning.  They love being in the group and helping you to reach your goals while continuing to reach their own with the help and support of everyone in the group.  Other women are brand new to the group, just like you will be.  If you have questions, you can always feel free to post in the group, or come to me directly.  Sometimes it's nice to get input fro a group of people but don't ever feel like you can't ask a question.  I'm your coach and I feel like I should earn that honor and trust that you have given me!

How long does a challenge last?

Typically, a challenge lasts 21 to 30 days.  I sometimes run Free Clean Eating Groups which last 5 days.  These are primarily sneak peeks into my regular challenge group however it is not paired with a program.  I should note that you will get out of a challenge what you put in to a challenge.  My most successful challengers have been those that trust the process and post every day.  We all have bad days, but when you run and hide, it gets harder to get back into it.  Nobody will judge bad food choices, we ALL make them.  Remember, this group is solely for you!  So Commit for the 3-4 weeks and just get it done!!

What do I need to participate in an accountability group?

There are a number of different options based on your current fitness level, your goals, and your financial situation.  The most important thing that you'll need is dedication!!  Once you commit to reach your goals, I'll help match you up with the best Beachbody program to suit your needs.  There are lots of different options and discounts available that we can discuss.

What happens after a challenge ends?

I get this question a lot.  After your Challenge group ends, I have an alumni group which I add all my new challengers to.  It's very important to me that I stay involved and continue to hold you accountable.  In order to lead a truly healthy lifestyle, we all have to account for the fact that we're all human.   It's absolutely impossible to be perfect all of the time but the key is to realize that if you "fall of the wagon," you can just dust yourself off and get right back on it.  Once you reach your goal with me, I will be there every step of the way through your maintenance phase to help you stay where you want to be.  Also, I've found that a lot of my challengers bond during their initial phase of the challenge and want to stay in touch.  I've actually named the Alumni Group "Our Fit Fam" because I really do feel like being a part of a community with similar health interests is important to not gain the weight back or go back to an unhealthy lifestyle.  This is a secret group on Facebook so you won't be able to find it with a search but let me know if you'd like to check it out and I'd be happy to get you added.

I'm ready!  What do I do now?

That's great!!  I'd absolutely love to have you in my next accountability group!!  You can either PM me on FB, email me at, or fill out my online application. 

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